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Coach Andrew


 Andrew is a senior at Clemson University and a soccer prodigy hailing from Florida. Andrew's love for the sport began at an early age, starting as a forward before discovering his true passion as a goalkeeper. He moved to Kansas City, Kansas at the age of 12, where he immediately joined a new soccer team and honed his skills as a goalkeeper.


Andrew played for multiple clubs, eventually joining the Sporting Kansas City MLS Academy in 2015 and finishing his high school career as the starting varsity goalkeeper for his school team. He traveled around the country with his academy team, competing in numerous tournaments and earning a second-place finish at the futsal national tournament with his club team Toca FC in 2019.

Since 2019,


Andrew has continued his love for soccer by playing goalkeeper for the Clemson University Men's Club Soccer Team, even playing in a national college tournament as the starting goalkeeper. He is also dedicated to sharing his passion and knowledge of the game with young athletes, working as a coach in goalkeeper clinics since 2018 and joining the P3 soccer lab in 2022. Andrew is an enthusiastic, encouraging, and knowledgeable coach who is dedicated to helping young athletes enhance their skills and have fun on the field.

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