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Passion. Preparation. Performance

At P3 Soccer we know that passion, coupled with technical

skill-building, will take each player’s performance to the next level.


Our experienced coaches are always engaged and participate alongside the players in each and every training session. We believe players will increase their passion and motivation for soccer if they see that their coaches are driven by their love for the game and are committed to enhancing the training experience.  


Our players develop their technical skills through a combination

of visual learning and technical review. This is achieved by providing coaching demonstrations, corrective analysis of the player’s technique, and video review technology when necessary. Players also have the opportunity to develop their game awareness in our small group training sessions. In all of our sessions, we dedicate a portion of time

to injury prevention. This feature focuses on exercises that improve

knee and ankle stability, and reduce the risk of muscular tears.


Be ready to have fun while rapidly improving your game!

Meet the Team

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